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Have a safe journey with eL-Tec elektrotechnologie In modern shipping , the electronic technology is becoming more and more the defining factor for the perfect functioning of a ship and the business success of the owner. Merging electrotechnical installations is an issue that needs an expert advice and an up-to-date team of professional specialists. eL-Tec elektrotechnologie is specialist in this field.eL-Tec is focussing on the cooperation of all systems on a ship. This demands more than connecting some wires. An effective and well considered coupling of systems guarantees the functional and operational continuation of a ship. The client defines the function; eL-Tec will present and implement the electrotechnical solution.Time is money, especially in shipping. eL-Tec is aware of that and for us it is a challenge to provide just-in-time the right people with the right equipment at the right place, it does not matter where in the world. With every project our target is the 100% operation of all systems at the requested moment.

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