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Emigreen BV

At Emigreen® we produce customised, integrated emission control solutions, for among others, the maritime sector. We also provide services including design, specification, production, installation instruction, training and after sales. We have expertise in emission control technologies, flow dynamics and noise control. Emigreen® develops and supplies components including catalytic converters, particulate filters, catalytic reduction systems and related instrumentation.Our strength lies in our expertise combined with the ability to understand the complex  market in which we work. In this market, standalone, off/the/shelf solutions are inadequate. At Emigreen® we work with all of the stakeholders, including the client, engine supplier and shipyard to create the truly optimum solution.Our Emigreen ®  Alfa Alfa fuel-burner assisted soot filter system has set the standard for others to beat. All of our solutions are highly efficient, highly reliable and highly controllable, whether designed for an inland barge, short sea carrier or luxury yacht.

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