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Esthec is an innovative and sustainable composite decking material; the stylish solution with a unique touch feel texture for a longer life deck caring for the environment. Born from a liquid product – a blend of natural ingredients, color pigments and a filler – Esthec is the material of the future which allows as well thinking out of the box. No limits is our motto: color, shape, structure and design are not boundaries anymore but only elements to let the imagination and creativity fly.Creating a sustainable world is one of the greatest challenges of our time and Esthec is committed to achieve it. Technology and innovation are two keys to focus to accomplish this goal and towards a deeper consciousness we need to change to preserve the environment for future generations.Esthec is neither plastic nor wood, 85% natural materials including 25% recycled content. It is an innovation based on the industry’s need for ecologically sound materials used on yachting, terraces, pool decks, wall covering and many other applications.Strong, durable, fully customizable are only some of the advantages of Esthec. Comfortable barefoot, Esthec is also safe in wet conditions for its high non-slip properties. Maintenance is not an issue: Esthec does neither wear nor absorb liquids and it is resistant to oils and greases requiring low maintenance through a regular floor cleaning.Esthec, is part of Bolidt Group, the global leader in flooring systems with over 40 years of experience in developing

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