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Fibr8 has developed the thinnest and most flexible light lines in the world – based on optic fibre and laser technology. This unique technology enables innovative design applications that may not be possible with existing lighting technologies. We mainly work in the maritime, architecture and signage markets. Our offices are based in The Netherlands, but we operate globally. Fibr8 supports the above markets with its own product portfolio integrating the Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber into a complete light-line system. We are constantly looking for business partners who want to integrate light lines in end-applications and/or want to become a reseller of our products.Our light lines do not contain any electronics or hard materials, resulting in a decorative light solution that is more marine proof than conventional light lines. Our lasers (light source) can illuminate single continuous lines over more than 50 meters and can be installed in a centralized location, which eases maintenance and control. The light is evenly distributed and no light points (such as diodes) can be seen. The new light line technology can be incorporated into existing automated lighting plans. Our technology is very energy efficient by consuming less than 4W per meter.Would you like to hear or see more about this? Feel free to contact us!

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