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In shipping, offshore, and the industrial sector everything revolves around accuracy and speed. We know that agility in these markets is essential. And as a specialist in measuring, regulating and control instruments, we’re ready to act swiftly and according to various wishes; of mechanics, engineers, purchasers, ship owners and many other end users. Obviously, given every minute counts. Therefore, you have to be able to rely on a supplier who can immediately draw on over 53 years of deep-rooted knowledge. And from an extensive product inventory, so when it comes down to it, speed is guaranteed. In this demanding world, it’s the people of GMS Instruments who give meaning to our service, day in and day out. By producing and servicing highly specific and precise instruments. By assembling, repairing and calibrating technical equipment. And by the prompt handling of urgent requests. But especially by understanding the value when the provided good or service works. This can only be done by operating as a single team; working together, each contributing their own expertise, heart and soul. All with the knowledge that you can rely on colleagues, manufacturers and suppliers. That collaboration means that we are in control, now and for decades to come. With our services, our loyal and also new generations of customers can continue to thrive. Not only because we deliver products and services quickly, but because we know what it takes to finish the job. This is our promise. This way we