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Hug Engineering BV


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Hug Engineering BV designs, manufactures and supplies products and services related to the emission reduction of reciprocating engines.Hug Engineering BV is your local supplier and maintenance company for: • PM reduction technique approved by VERT highest efficiency (> 98%) • PM reduction alsowith burner assistance for low temperature applications • CO reduction with integrated Oxidation catalyst • NOx reduction integrated by SCR technology and use of well known AdBlue • SCR systems including IMO TIER III certification • SCR / DPF systems according NRMM Stage 5 • Tailor made SCR / DPF / Silencer solutionsHug Engineering BV offers a series of standardized and special fit for purpose products with well-known product names like nauticlean® and mobiclean®, for use on locomotives, luxury yachts, in land vessels, building equipment, gen-sets and trucks.

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