On Site Alignment

On Site Alignment (OSA) off ers all the assistance you may need when facing questions about alignment, engineering, mounting or troubleshooting critical machinery. We are innovative thinkers with in-depth knowledge and 35 years of fi eld experience. Our working area is mainly the maritime sector and also industries. OSA carries out shaft alignment on all types of rotating equipment, including engines, gearboxes, generators, shaft (support) bearings, pump sets, winches and bow thrusters. We also measure and correct crankshaft web defl ections. Alignment checks whether measurements can be performed during diff erent operational conditions so that thermal growth and hull deformation are recorded. In addition, we perform dimensional checks with laser or other optical equipment and measure bending stresses using the wireless strain gauges and jack load technique to calculate bearing load, off set, and gap & sag values in propeller, intermediate and highspeed shafts. Every specifi c machine demands a specifi c alignment technique. First, we must determine the appropriate one. OSA knows and uses all known high-quality techniques. We determine the best option in close partnership with our customers.