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Rondal is a powerhouse of capability and accomplishment, focused exclusively on the custom superyacht industry and serving a global clientele. Modern engineering skills, excellent craftsmanship and a constant emphasis on ingenuity are the hallmarks of a company that believes above all in forward thinking. A talent and a passion for engineering solutions drive our team to seek the best solutions. The modus operandi at Rondal is to constantly anticipate how we can use new technologies to meet the ever more sophisticated demands of larger and more complex superyachts.Rondal is recognized as the best for its unrivalled Dutch build quality and innovative technical solutions by applying focus on continuous improvement on both products and services. As a building partner, Rondal leverages decades of experience and unburdens the client by taking on turn-key projects.As a sail handling expert, Rondal adds a unique value through system integration, creating optimization in all sailing components throughout the process of design, advanced engineering and composite expertise in manufacturing. Rondal is proud to work closely together with the industry’s very best experts as partners.The breadth of our expertise is reflected in a diversity of high quality custom products, encompassing spars and rigging, winches, deck equipment, hatches and composite solutions. The depth of our experience can be measured over nearly four decades of success at the heart of the world-renowned Dutch superyacht

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