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At Royal Roos we are committed to investing in the future of green shipping. Our services include marine engineering, design and consultancy, maintenance and repair, as well as large scale 3D printing. Using the latest developments and technologies, ensuring your assets are well taken care of and fit for 2030 and beyond.In Merwehaven, Rotterdam we have 400m, centrally located quay side and >1.500m2 of storage, packing and office facilities. We have solar powered shore power available for sea going vessels. Minimizing CO2 emissions on your (de)mobilization projects, retrofit, modification and repair jobs. Allowable vessel dimensions up to 225 meter long, 30 meter wide and 40,000 ton deadweight. Harbour depth NAP -9.65m, bollard strength 750 kNWe are also your partner for 100% recyclable 3D printed special transport and storage cradles and supports for transport over sea, road or by air. 3D printing allows full freedom of form, ensuring a perfectly fitted cradle or support. Material is lightweight but strong, additionally special shock absorbing layers can be incorporated in the print.

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