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Seas of Solutions – Netwave Systems BV


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Netwave Systems BV is the operating company of Seas of Solutions in the Netherlands and is the manufacturer of the leading brands Netwave for Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and McMurdo and Kannad Marine for (maritime) safety beacons.Voyage Data Recorders for Solas vessels as well as for non-Solas vesselsBased on the certified VDR design (MSC333(90) regulations), Netwave can provide for data recorders that can be used for:Safety beacons (EPIRB, PLB and AIS MOB) Under the brand names of McMurdo and Kannad Marine, Netwave Systems BV produces and delivers emergency position beacons according to the latest regulations for Solas and non-Solas vessels as well as personal locator beacons, all using the Cospas-Sarsat network.Through our global distribution network, McMurdo and Kannad Marine beacons can be found on every type of sea-going vessel as well as is in use by many outdoor enthusiasts traveling to the most remote areas of the globe. Always with peace of mind that in case of emergency, help can be called in by using one of our safety beacons.

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