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Siemens Nederland NV

Our diesel-electric propulsion systems, power generation, gearboxes, distribution systems and solutions for automation & control, are installed in a great number of vessels, from commercial vessels including offshore production & utility platforms, passenger ships and luxury yachts to naval vessels and submarines. Our marine experience is more the 125 years.We design, manufacture and commission all electric equipment needed for power on board. Effective implementation of the Siemens marine solutions portfolio is assured through an innovative approach based on product-families and integrated solutions for all electrical equipment. As part of an integrated approach we add maintenance and modernization services for the entire life cycle.Siemens Bruinhof has been assigned with the worldwide responsibility – 24 hours a day – of service for gearboxes, slide/thrust bearings and couplings/clutches. We are carrying out on-board service, workshop repairs, major overhaul or modification projects as well as supplying spare parts, carried out by our team of 13 highly qualified and skilled service engineers, working on a global scale.

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