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SIP Marine propellers In Drunen, the Dutch cradle of propeller manufacturing, SIP Marine develops and produces high-end propellers and propulsion systems. For this, the newest technology and design tools, like SIPPROP(c), and Fine/Marine CFD, are being used. The high-end propellers are known for low noise and vibration levels, and extremely high efficiency.SIPPROP(c) is the newest generation propeller design software, developed by SIP Marine. Not only is this software used for designing propellers, but also to optimise, precisely in the condition that the propeller meets under the ship. This is done based on the wake fields generated via Fine/Marine. The result of these optimised propellers is a reduction of noise levels over 10 dB.With our sophisticated tools we are able to consult not only on propulsion, but also compute and examine the flow around ships in full detail. The recommendations we deliver lead to more efficient sailing behaviour of our clients’ vessels.Our propellers are being produced in the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal, in all desired finishing classes of ISO 484, for example class 2 for general purposes to class S for high speed of Navy. The maximum diameter of the propellers is 6500mm, and minimum weight of castings is 40 tons.SIP Marine developed three new nozzle types using the newest CFD techniques. From these three types SIP Marine can optimise the attachment to the hull, in order to deliver the best efficiency possible.

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