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Solar Group offers over 40 years of experience within the oil, gas and marine industry. Our experience is that every business can find up to 25% extra value in its sourcing setup. Of course, that depends whether or not you are ready. Ready to go all the way. Ready to look at the big picture. Decades of experience, a considerable amount of know-how and industry insight within the marine segment helps our customers to optimize their businesses. Strong competences, wide product range and good logistics solutions are key factors.We have served the marine sector in the Netherlands and Scandinavia for decades, and possess a considerable amount of know-how and industry insight within the marine segment.  We improve our customers’ everyday lives and strengthen their competitiveness by offering a broad product range, technical expertise and good logistics solutions.With challenging times and tough competition in the marine segment focus on cost reduction and efficient operation are crucial factors. Our experience is that profitability is strengthened through a focus on low total costs, and that a comprehensive approach to product procurement increases competitiveness.Solar has a Dutch/ Scandinavian approach to the marine segment. We interact across countries to provide you with the best and widest possible offer. This ensures quick access to resources and products for our customers.We are representing more than 1100 different marine suppliers. Our extensive supplier network ensures a

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