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Urk Maritime

The Urk Maritime cluster is an initiative by Bedrijvenkring Urk (Urk Business Club). Its aim is to coordinate the national and international promotion of the maritime skills of Urk’s business community by collaborating and showing what Urk’s companies can do for the domestic and global maritime sector.“Our mission is to position Urk and its maritime business community as the premier maritime centre on the IJsselmeer.”Urk Maritime is committed to combining forces by encouraging the exchange of knowledge and information about market developments, ongoing innovation and interconnectedness. It will attract maritime companies from beyond the municipal boundaries, create growth in the local maritime business community and increase job opportunities for school-leavers and more highly educated technical staff. Together this will result in the expansion and strengthening of Urk’s economy.Urk is a maritime town to its core! For the people of Urk, a long tradition of fishing has become so much a part of their DNA that in the end, they have fused with it. It’s hardly surprising then that its hard-working inhabitants have some remarkable maritime characteristics. The thousand-year-old fishing village on the coast of what used to be the Zuiderzee is justly proud of its title of the maritime centre of Western Europe. The choice of companies and service providers in the shipbuilding and maritime industries is generous to say the least. Hull builders, painters, carpenters, fitters, electrical

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