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VPG Scheepsservice BV


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VPG Scheepsservice are a repair company aimed at the professional inland shipping industry. They are specialized in all mechanical and hydraulic activities anywhere in Europe. Service always comes first with us and we offer a 24-hours fault repair service. This service can be reached 7 days a week by calling 00316-53109065.VPG Scheepsservice offer a substantial array of services and are specialized in providing hydraulic steering gear, selling and installing all brands of propulsion engines and reversing gears, delivering and installing all brands of[generator sets, complete engine room installations, delivering propeller shaft generators and all other activities on board. To do so VPG Scheepsservice have several very well qualified employees at their disposal, among which are hydraulic specialists, mechanics, construction/bank workers and welders. They also deliver our own steering wheels and propeller shaft generators. These can be manufactured to the client’s specific wishes.VPG Scheepsservice’s steering work is delivered according to the shipping industry’s latest demands and to specific classification agencies under approved drawings. VPG Scheepsservice are an official certified IVR steering wheel inspection company, offering steering wheel inspections with certificate including a choice of an annual or triennal inspection.

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