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Since 2017, Wattlab has set new boundaries for the application of solar power. Originating from the Nuon Solar Team (now Brunel Solar Team), Wattlab closes the gap between science and market applications. With close collaborations with industry leaders and cutting edge knowledge institutes, the latest innovations are integrated into new solar applications. With a passion for technology and a drive to solve the climate problem, every challenge is an opportunity for us.We see a future in which clean energy is a given. The power of the sun is used where it is needed, enriching everyone’s life by delivering zero emissions and bringing independence. By integrating solar energy in to the existing surfaces around us, clean energy and flourishing nature go hand in hand.Collaboration is key in solving the climate problem. Our mission is to collaborate with industry leaders in order to develop and scale new solar solutions. By integrating solar energy into the things around us we create a better world for tomorrow.The first result of a close collaboration together with Damen Shipyards and Blommaert Aluminum are solarhatches for inland bulk carriers. By using the existing surface on bulk carrier hatches to generate power from the sun, fuel consumption can be significantly reduced.Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas!

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