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Established in 2000, Xeamos has become an industry leader in the highly specialised field of emission-reducing solutions that directly or indirectly contribute to a better environment. As a brand-independent company we install ‘Emission After Treatment’ systems and make that suits you as a client best and the project at hand. Our strong team of dedicated experts serve a wide range of markets, including inland navigation, commercial marine, the industry and offshore sector and superyachts. All Xeamos solutions can be custom built to your exact specifications. Our engineers are used to cooperating with technology partners and like-minded clients who can rely on technical know-how, in-depth market expertise and a strong understanding of laws & regulations. This includes all aspects of IMO TIER III and EU Stage V legislation as Xeamos supports clients in tackling emissions and solving the challenges they face in relation to reduction requirements. We all have a responsibility to preserve the unique balance of our planet and protect its climate from further harm. Xeamos’ s clean air engineering plays a vital role in this respect and all our systems are produced in a sustainable way. Xeamos is the owner of a variaty of Technical Files for a large number of engine brands/types. This will lead to a smoother obtaining of the EIAPP certificate.