BELFOR Technology BV

BELFOR Technology BVIn 1981 BELFOR Technology started, as Corocor (Scandinavian origin), the activity “restoration of electronic devices after fire or water damage”.


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The process of “corrective restoration” was revolutionary as it consisted not only of intensive documentation, disassembling, decontamination of electronics by means of water and (special) chemicals, intensive drying and assembling of the equipment, but also testing and repairing by the original manufacturers. Continuation of guarantee or maintenance contracts was no problem.

Nowadays the process is optimized, supplemented with the same activity for high tech mechanical devices and extended to both corrective and periodical preventive restoration on board of sea-going-vessels and the offshore business.

Moreover thermographic pre-commissioning inspection supported by wipe sample analyses is carried out to monitor contamination in electronic cabinets and to prevent malfunctions.

During the new-building of a sea-going-vessel or jack-up-rig it is almost inevitable that equipment becomes contaminated by a broad scale of more or less electrically conductible particles from metalwork and an-ions (chlorides, sulphides and nitrates: the cause of an electrolytic corrosion process).

This all results in malfunctioning and even short-circuiting in the electronic devices.

Recontec is the specialist in prevention of these problems, the disruptions and the corrosion process, by means of an advanced “condition based restoration process”. This will result in reliable equipment and extension of the effective life cycle of electronics on board.