Integrated planning, shop floor management and shipyard control

For new build, conversion and repair shipyards

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We deliver shorter lead times and a decrease in production costs and hour consumption.

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  • Scheduling, fast and very detailed automated planning of shipbuild projects (CAD-coupling)
  • Time tracking tools that are specifically designed for use by welders, iron workers
  • Shop floor control, two-way communication with production departments and subcontractors
  • Management information, look ahead in time based on actuals for duration / resources / budgets
  • Automatic information exchange between ERP-, financial and planning systems / databases
  • Digital time tracking / progress reporting from the shop floor (by workers or supervisors)
  • Multi-yard, multi-project and multi-department overviews of resources and performance
  • In summary, an integrated approach to shipbuilding processes / manufacturing execution system (MES)

Floorganise aims to be an inspiration for its clients in creating ever better and more efficient manners to direct and control the daily efforts on the yard floor and in the shipbuilding process. We do so by maintaining an open dialogue with the workers on the yard floor, the planners, the engineers, production management and foremen by providing them with tailored solutions that fit the nature of their building activities and yard-specific requirements.” – Gert-Jan Biersteker, founder Floorganise

Yard efficiency

At Floorganise we increase the efficiency of shipyards by providing each project member and function with detailed, relevant and role specific information. Based on existing IT and information systems. With these range of tools, a bridge function between the office and the shop floor is set up. Allowing for more direct and detailed insights in performance and a look ahead in time.

  • Live connections to existing ERP-systems
  • Live connections to planning-databases
  • Live connections to entrance gates (for time tracking of shop time)

“Every shipbuilding project is unique but building ships follows a repeating process. Floor2Plan supports that process with a dedicated set-up that matches the logic of our yard, infrastructure and division of roles and functions”