Floorganise opens doors in Australia to develop shipyard productivity

6 september 2022

Floorganise International BV, a leading developer of the Floor2Plan Shipyard-MES (manufacturing execution system), project controls and process optimization software in the marine and shipbuilding industry and Houston Engineering Pty Ltd, a specialized solution provider for shipbuilding engineering services  have entered into a partnership. The strategic cooperation aims at developing the Australian shipbuilding market with IT-tools, expertise, local service and support to foster productivity to deliver ships faster and with lower risk. The cooperation expands the current portfolio of both partners and sets out to enhance integrated planning and control efforts that are based on best practices across European and American (Naval) shipyards. The partnership includes software products, technical as well as commercial cooperation. Building on successful and trustworthy cooperation on integration projects with renowned customers in the Naval, superyacht and work boat industries the partnership facilitates joint development of Australian standards, Industrial norms and best practices to prepare for the fundamentals that will enable continuous improvement efforts at local shipyards. The partnership supports Floorganise’s strategic growth goals and strengthens Floorganise’s position as a global market leader for MES-application software and solution provider in the marine and shipbuilding segments. Floorganise International B.V. is a leading expert and innovator for shipbuilding planning and production control, as Angus Houston, CEO of Houston Engineering Pty Ltd, enthuses. “Through this partnership, we can provide our customers with digital information management solutions for the entire shipbuilding production and supply chain process. Floorganise has already demonstrated its capability to integrate engineering, production, planning and supply chain data from various sources in a consistent digital ship production execution system.” Partnering with Houston Engineering Pty Ltd, is the key to enable our clients with expertise, applied knowledge and local availability of service and support to foster end-to-end digital processes and information flows in shipbuilding”, says Ronald de Vries, Managing Director of Floorganise BV: We are happy to enter into this partnership with Houston Engineering Pty Ltd to be able to offer our shipyard continuity in their continuous improvement efforts. It is a win for our local shipyard customers, Houston Engineering Pty Ltd and for us.”