JRC | Alphatron Marine launches second episode podcast NavCom Inside: the shortage of technical personnel

18 augustus 2022

JRC | Alphatron Marine launches the second episode of the podcast NavCom Inside. A podcast about the world of marine electronics. What is behind the development of communication and navigation equipment? How do ships innovate with global developments? And to what extent is this technology determined by environmental legislation and safety? Innovators from the maritime sector, both external experts and enthusiastic employees, have their say. During this podcast, Jan van den Broek (Senior Purchaser and mentor for the Offshore & Transport purchasing department at Damen Shipyards Group) and Luuk Vroombout (Founder Alphatron Marine) talk about their view on the shortage of technical personnel in the maritime market and their concerns about this. In recent years, personnel shortages in technology have continued to increase. More and more employers in the port no longer know how to fill their vacancies. For years, there has been a serious shortage of good professionals in technology. The gentlemen discuss solutions such as primary schools visiting technical companies in order to be able to introduce the technology to children at an early stage. “Just like math or writing, technology should be a skill that everyone should learn,” says Luuk Vroombout. Children learn about life around them in primary school. Technology is also part of that. It is the lamp on the ceiling in the classroom, the tap where you wash your hands, the tablet you play games on, or the chair you sit on. The younger children come into contact with technology, the better, is the view of the gentlemen. Technical functions should be highlighted again and placed on a pedestal. According to Luuk and Jan, this is an important role for society, school, and parents. In short, an interesting new podcast that can be listened to on SpotifyYouTube, and SoundCloud. You do not want to miss this! Subscribe now to Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube where you can listen to the podcast in Dutch.