TrustLube Xtreme Marine Bio Grease award with EU Ecolabel

20 april 2021

TrustLube, specialist in high quality lubrication systems, has a strong feeling about being responsible for a clean environment. After years of innovation, they have developed Xtreme Marine Bio. This unique grease is readily biodegradable and has an excellent water resistance which makes it the preferred grease for marine and offshore applications.


TrustLube is committed to a better environment with their lubricants and precise and on demand automatic lubrication systems. The certification of Xtreme Marine BIO with the Ecolabel is a logic step in this process. The EU Ecolabel guarantees: • Reduced impact on the aquatic environment and the soil during use • Reduced CO2 emissions • High percentage of renewable raw materials • Limited use of hazardous substances • High technical performance guaranteed2

Automatic lubrication

Xtreme Marine BIO has been optimized and approved for TrustLube automatic greasing systems. The TrustLube system is, due to simplicity and reliability, the preferred choice for heavy-duty and critical applications. With the TrustLube system one metering unit per grease point is used and each metering unit is working independent regardless of temperature, tube length and viscosity of the lubricant. TrustLube systems provide reliable lubrication for all size installations and deliver an exact quantity of grease each cycle to provide optimal lubrication to each greasing point.