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Econowind BV

Econowind BV started in December 2016 to develop auxiliary wind propulsion on modern seagoing vessels. A grant from the European union was obtained through SNN.Econowind designed foldable VentiFoils: wing shaped elements creating very high propelling force relative to its size. Boundary layer suction increases and controls the propulsion force. The goal of the unit is to reduce costs and CO2 emissions by reduction of used motor power.On captains demand, the Ventifoils deploy. Further sailing is done automatically finding the optimal angles relative to the apparent wind. The generated force will be transferred right into the deck and thus helping with propulsion. To maintain the ships speed, the motor power can be reduced.The Ventifoils can be retrofitted onto an existing ship, integrated in new-builds or be placed inside a container which can be put onto the hatches of the ship.The first system was delivered to Jan van Dam Shipping in January 2020 for MV Ankie.The coming years, Econowind will be fully focused on wind propulsion in the broadest sense.

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