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Heatmaster is a leading supplier for heating systems on board of ships. This trust from the shipping industry must have a solid reason! Our heating systems are used to heat cargo and/or the HFO380 fuel.Heatmaster can assist you with the design, calculation and engineering of the heating system. We have experience and specialized knowledge for the most optimal heating solution in thermal fluid, hot water or steam. Our boilers are designed according the famous Wiesloch boiler principles, the large and strong boilers are excepted in the market for their long life-time and high efficiency.The staff of Heatmaster has  a long history and immense experience in heating systems. Our long reference list with various types of installations is a result of the achieved successful performances, on our website you can see various examples of deliveries.Our delivery program includes all thinkable parts of the heating system, including the latest generation of PLC control with touch-screen. We offer you a world-wide service network, have most common parts from stock available and we are at your service 24 hours a day.Ever thought of Heatmaster as your supplier for your heating systems? No? Do not worry! Let us surprise you with our good design against a fair price. We are fast, flexible and reliable.Clients already know us as: “Heatmaster, your hottest innovator”

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