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Hetraco B.V. was founded in 1972 by Herman Hendriksen. The name Hetraco B.V. is an abbreviation of Hendriksen Trading Company. Hendriksen started selling turned, die-cast and bended products to industry and machine manufacturing companies from his home.In 1982, Kees Eindhoven took over Hetraco B.V. and the company shifted its activities more towards the chemical industry and offshore, sectors which require fast delivery of special bolts, nuts and studs. To meet this need, Mark Eindhoven started his own production company, under the name Dutch Bolting Company B.V.Hetraco B.V. has experienced enormous growth, and at this moment we’re selling for 90% of our own manufacturing company of “special fasteners”. We produce all types of bolts, studs and other “thread” related articles from drawings. Our specialism is thread rolling of this products, with a fast delivery time and the possibility of all types of certifications.

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