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Kranendonk Production Systems BV


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KRANENDONK is the robot technology centre for non-repetitive production. By implementing intelligent robot technology, KRANENDONK enables manufacturing companies to produce more efficiently and effectively. The production systems that KRANENDONK supplies are custom-build solutions that are cleverly integrated into material and data flows.The field in which KRANENDONK operates is not bound by a product or industry, but by a production principle. Traditionally, robots are used for repetitive production. KRANENDONK’s competence lies in the opposite: realizing non-repetitive production by smart implementation of robotics. This opens a range of automation opportunities for manufacturing companies.KRANENDONK is a Dutch company with subsidiaries in Japan and Denmark. A technology centre position is maintained by simultaneously fulfilling the roles of engineer, supplier, supporter and partner. A key part of KRANENDONK’s position is the ability to continuously work on new robot applications. It does this together with universities and other technology partners.

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