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Transocean Coatings

Since 1959 Transocean Coatings is active in the manufacture and supply of antifoulings, anticorrosives and other coatings for ships, off-shore installations, industrial facilities and pleasure crafts. Extensive research and development work has provided Transocean with a series of products, which professionals acknowledge of being complete and of high quality.Transocean has a network of manufacturers, spread over all the continents, producing its range of coatings.Transocean paints are manufactured under controlled conditions and in certified factories. In total, Transocean operate 45 factories in 40 different countries. Through the members network, Transocean paints are distributed to some 60 countries. This strong and local network enables direct and capable technical service at any time as well as factory fresh products.Transocean offers a wide range of paints to cope with the needs of every shipowner, whether large or small or whether it is a newbuilding of a maintenance job, Transocean has systems in place to protect your ship. Examples of such products are the Transpoxy Masterbond Range of surface tolerant epoxies, specialised abrasion resistant coatings such as Transpoxy ARC and Transocean Cleanship, a range of tinfree selfpolishing antifoulings.

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