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Winteb, the original: the world’s largest producer of aluminium Air Pipe Heads Founded in 1952 by A. van der Velde as a non-ferro foundry, Winteb has grown into the world’s largest producer of seawater resistant aluminium (DIN1725) Air Pipe Heads and has become a well-known player in the maritime market. Winteb has been producing these Air Pipe Heads since 1985, starting with the WIKO5000 series. In the year 2000 Winteb developed the WIN2000 air pipe head series which set the standard in air venting. This series is also produced out of seawater resistant aluminium. The advantage of seawater resistant aluminium compared to cast-iron, welded hot dipped iron/steel or stainless steel constructions of our competitors is that aluminium will not corrode, requires no maintenance and is light-weight. Furthermore, the WIN2000 series has a space and weight saving design that is revolutionary, enabling you to fit them in places where they do not form an obstacle. The development, design, casting, production, machining, transport, marketing and sales are all done by Winteb. This means that the knowledge and experience is kept under one roof.

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